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Blue light

Why does the blue light on my O2 pur keep blinking and it won't let me vape?



I need to cancel


I love my O2 Pure Vape and oils

I just want to change flavors for my monthly plan but cant seem to contact the company...can a rep please call me?



they keep taking money out of my account and you can not reach them how can I get them to stop taking money out of my account


can I cancel any further shipments of this product from now on as the my husband has passed away.


why is o2pur not available to residents in Oregon?

I am very interested in the o2pur for my mother and myself. I have tried vapor cigs but did not like them .Will o2pur be available in oregon soon


O2Pur Deluxe Vape Kit Question

Hello, I would like to cancel my subscription for O2pur. Please call or email me at (405) 635-5752 or to let me know this has been done. Thank you!


O2pur - Question in Shopping category

Call me at 419-280-1441 I cant get through to talk to a rep


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