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i also fell for this free starter kit with just $4.95 S&H. they told me all the parts were unique to their co.

i stopped by my local vape store and he had everything i would ever need for it. i called as soon as i got home to cancell my account. after listening to the *** auto voice i finally got a person. all she wanted to talk about was cancer and how much i smoked.

i was so pissed. i just said i'm not answereing anything, just cancell my account. she finally stopped her spiel and said i was cancelled. i have her name and a confirmation #.

hopefully i'm done.

the auto ship doesn't even come up until you give them all your info. what a scam.

This reviewer shared experience about not as described and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). This person is overall dissatisfied with O2Pur. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Bradenton, Florida, United States #1305740

What a f****** joke I ordered the free e cigarette with the 3 bottles of juice which came out to $7 and some change for shipping and they took $40 without any permission upgraded the promotion without any permission and now they tell me that they can't do nothing about it that's a crock of s***

Mountain View, California, United States #1292911

I just received my O2pure it came in 2 days and it was just as described. I did get a security call from my card issuer and was informed my card had issued an international transaction. I approved it and my card was charged $5.95 just as described


Always on these types use a prepaid card

Des Plaines, Illinois, United States #1278172

Nothing is truly Free, NOTHING!

This reminds me of the hard on pills that use to sold over the TV in the early to mid nineties and which required a credit card to obtain- auto enrollment in a program and credit card billing were imminent.



1.1 You expressly agree and accept the Conditions set forth herein unconditionally as a binding contract ("the Agreement") enforceable by law. The following are the terms and conditions of purchase of O2PUR™ Product on this Site, all such references to Products shall be ("Product"). "Customer", "I", "You" or "Your" refers to you.

"Site" means this World Wide Website located at this URLhttp://o2pur1.com. O2PUR™ ("We", "Us" or "Our") reserves the right to amend this Agreement from time to time. It is agreed that any such amendment will apply to Customer and does not require notification by O2PUR™.

2. Payment/Shipping 2.1 All product purchases made from this website are required to be paid in full.

For more information about our products, please visit http://o2pur1.com 2.1.1 Pricing for the products are as follows: Kit Options: FREE KIT + FREE SHIPPING $4.95 (Juice Club $4.95, $39.95 each month thereafter, FREE KIT + FREE RUSH SHIPPING $29.99, FREE SUPER PEN + FREE RUSH SHIPPING $39.99. Monthly Subscription Add On, IF selected by Customer: An additional $1.00 today for 3 bottles of E-juice. 30 days after initial purchase Customer will be shipped 1 replacement atomizer and 3 bottles of E-juice for $39.95, followed by identical shipments for the same $39.95 every 30 days, until canceled. Call 612-466-3823 to cancel at anytime. Additional Product Add-ons IF selected by Customers: $19.99 Extra Standard Kit, Extra Super Pen $24.95, Carrying case, Wall and Car Charger $14.99, Rush Shipping $9.95. 2.2 You authorize us to initiate a charge to your credit card as indicated upon your purchase. This transaction will show on your statement as O2P. 2.2.2 Your product will ship within 3-5 Days will arrive within 5-10 business days.

If your product does not arrive within the allotted amount of time, please call customer service to address the delay. Although we always strive to make our deliveries as timely as possible, circumstances may arise outside of our control, such as inclement weather, natural disasters, or other postal delays, which may impede a the timely arrival of your product. You agree we are not liable for such delays. 2.3.

Please contact Customer Service at 612-466-3823 between the hours of 10am-8pm EST Monday through Friday with any questions regarding your product, payment or return. Corporate Address: O2PUR 4760 S Highland Dr #104 Holladay, UT 84117 2.4 Your items will be shipped from our warehouse within 5 Business Days. Your items should arrive within 7-10 business days. You will receive a tracking number with your delivery email.

If your items do not arrive within the allotted amount of time, please call customer service to check on your order. Due to unforeseen circumstances, such as inclement weather and postal delays, your shipment may be delayed. If this occurs, you agree that we are not liable to you for the delay. 2.5 Deliveries may require adult signature 2.6 O2pur follows all federal and state laws and regulations regarding e-cigarette's including areas in which the legal age to purchase e-cigarette's is 21 years.

3. RETURNS, CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY 3.1 REFUND POLICY. You must call Customer Service at 612-466-3823 before any arrangements will be made to issue a refund. Shipping and handling fees are refundable to customers that call to cancel within 14 days of initial purchase.

You may return your product in its new unopened package within 30 days for a full refund. Your account will be credited within 7 to 10 business days of receiving your product. If you do not see a refund within that time, please contact customer service. 3.2 RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) numbers are required for all returns and are available upon request by calling customer service.

Products must be returned to O2PUR 1775 S 4130 W STE C Salt Lake City Ut, 84104, in their original, unopened package within 30 days of shipment. 3.3 Persons with a medical condition, who are pregnant, or have reason to believe they may become pregnant in the next 60 days, should not order this product. Refund requests will not be accepted and refunds will not be given for these reasons. You must consult a physician prior to placing an order if you are unsure about whether you can take this product.

4. DISPUTE RESOLUTION 4.1 You expressly agree to submit in writing any objection regarding credit card charges to: O2PUR Fulfillment/ Return Center 1775 S 4130 W Ste C Salt Lake City, UT 84104 4.2 O2PUR™, in its sole discretion, shall determine the validity of Your objection and notify You of its decision. Should You disagree with the decision, You agree to mediate the dispute before litigation. 4.3 You will be held responsible for any losses incurred as a result of Your failure to comply with any provision in this Agreement.

5. OFFER, ACKNOWLEDGMENT AND ACCEPTANCE 5.1 Any prices, quotations and descriptions made or referred to on this Site are subject to availability and may be withdrawn or revised at any time prior to our express acceptance of Your order (as described below). 5.2 While we make every effort to ensure that items appearing on the Site are available, we cannot guarantee that all items are in stock or immediately available when you submit your order. We may reject Your order (without liability) if We are unable to process or fulfill it.

If this is the case, We will refund any prior payment that you have made for that item. 5.3 Prior to such acceptance, an automatic e-mail acknowledgement of Your order may be generated. Please note that any such automatic acknowledgement does not constitute a formal acceptance of Your order. 5.4 Our acceptance of Your order takes effect and the contract concluded at the point where We dispatch Your order and accept Your credit card ("Acceptance").

5.6 We may keep records of orders received, acknowledgements, acceptances and other contract records for a reasonable period after Acceptance. We may be able to provide You with copies on written request; however You must make sure you print a copy of all such documents and these Conditions for your own records. 6. YOUR REPRESENTATIONS 6.1 You represent that the information provided by You when placing Your order is up-to-date, materially accurate, and is sufficient for Us to fulfill your order.

You are responsible for maintaining and promptly updating Your account information with Us for accuracy and completeness and keeping such information (and any passwords given to You for the purposes of accessing the Site and/or purchasing Products) secure against unauthorized access. Unless agreed otherwise or required by applicable law, any warranties provided in relation to Your purchase only extend to You on the understanding that You are a user and not a reseller of the Product. 6.2 No warranty, commitment or any other obligation should ever be assumed by You on Our behalf or on behalf of a Product manufacturer, licensor or supplier without Our express prior written consent. 6.3 Prices payable for the Product are those in effect at the time of dispatch or delivery, unless otherwise expressly agreed.

Prices may be indicated on the Site or an order acknowledgement but the authoritative price in the event of any discrepancy, is the price that is notified to You on Our Acceptance. 6.4 We have the right at any time prior to Our Acceptance to withdraw any discount and/or to revise prices to take into account increases in costs including (without limitation) costs of any materials, carriage, labor or the increase or imposition of any tax, duty or other levy and any variation in exchange rates. We also reserve the right to notify You of any mistakes in Product descriptions or errors in pricing prior to product dispatch. In such event if you choose to continue with fulfillment of the order, You acknowledge that the Product or Service will be provided in accordance with such revised description or corrected price.

6.5 The places that we deliver to are listed on the Site ("Territory"). Unless otherwise specified, prices quoted are: exclusive of the costs of shipping or carriage to the agreed place of delivery within the Territory (charges for which are stated on the Site); and exclusive of VAT and any other tax or duty which (where applicable) must be added to the price payable. 6.6 You agree to pay for taxes, shipping or carriage of Products as such costs are specified by Us on the Site when You submit Your purchase order. Payment shall be made prior to delivery and by such methods as are indicated on the Site (and not by any other means unless we have given our prior agreement).

6.7 We will charge credit or debit cards prior to the dispatch of the Product or commencement of Services. 7. DELIVERY 7.1 Delivery timescales/dates specified on the Site, in any order acknowledgement, acceptance or elsewhere are estimates only. While We endeavor to meet such timescales or dates, We do not undertake to dispatch Products and/or commence Services by a particular date or dates and shall not be liable to You in respect of delays or failure to do so.

7.2 Delivery shall be to a valid address within the Territory submitted by You and subject to Acceptance ("Delivery Address"). You must check the Delivery Address on any acknowledgement or acceptance We provide and notify Us without delay of errors or omissions. We reserve the right to charge You for any extra costs arising from changes You make to the Delivery Address after You submit an order. 7.3 Except to the extent required as a result of any mandatory rights You have as a consumer under applicable law, You shall not be entitled to reject the Products in whole or in part by reason of short delivery and shall pay in full notwithstanding short delivery or non-delivery unless You notify us in writing of any claim within 7 days of the latest of the date of receipt of the relevant invoice or delivery whereupon You shall pay for the quantity actually delivered.

8. REJECTION, DAMAGE OR LOSS IN TRANSIT 8.1 Except as set out above and subject to any rights You have under applicable law that cannot be excluded or limited by these Conditions: 8.1.1 We shall not be liable and You shall not be entitled to reject Products or Services, except for: (a) damage to or loss of Products or any part thereof in transit (where the Products are carried by Our own transport or by a carrier on Our behalf) where notified to Us within 5 working days of receipt of the Products; (b) defects in Products (not being defects caused by any act, neglect or default on your part) notified in writing to Us within 30 days of receipt of the Products. 8.1.2 We shall not be liable for any damage or losses arising from the use of the Products in connection with other defective or unsuitable Products; Your negligence; improper use or use in any manner inconsistent with the manufacturer's specifications or instructions. 8.1.3 Where these is a shortage or failure to deliver, or any defect in or damage to a Product or Service, We may at our option: (a) (in the case of Product shortage or non-delivery) make good any such shortage or non-delivery; and/or (b) in the case of failure to perform or defective performance of a Service, make good such failure or defective performance; and/or (c) in the case of damage or any defect(s) in the Product and in accordance with any applicable Returns Policy: (i) replace or repair the Product upon You returning the Product; or (ii) refund the price paid in respect of any Products found to be damaged or defective.


10.1 All Product specifications, illustrations, drawings, particulars, dimensions, performance data and other information on the Site or made available by Us are intended to represent no more than a general illustration of the Products and do not constitute a warranty or representation by us that the Products will conform with the same. You must refer to the manufacturer's specifications or warranty documentation to determine Your rights and remedies in this regard. 10.2 Your rights of repair or replacement of any Products or any part or parts thereof which are found to be defective will (except where agreed otherwise) be negated or rendered void where: 10.2.1 Products have been repaired or altered by persons other than the manufacturer, Us or any authorized dealer; and/or 10.2.2 Defective Product or Products have not been returned together with full details in writing of the alleged defects within 30 days from the date on which such Products were delivered; and/or 10.2.3 Defects are due (wholly or partially) to mistreatment, improper use or storage or maintenance or installation, or failure to observe any manufacturers' instructions or other directions issued or made available by Us in connection with the delivered Products. 10.3 EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY STATED OTHERWISE IN THIS SECTION 11, WE MAKE NO EXPRESS WARRANTIES OR REPRESENTATIONS AND WE DISCLAIM ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES AND REPRESENTATIONS, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NON-INFRINGEMENT.

THESE CONDITIONS STATE YOUR SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDIES. 11. CONSENTS, CUSTOMS DUTIES & EXPORT 11.1 If any license or consent of any government or other authority is required for the acquisition, carriage or use of the Products by You, You shall obtain such license or consent at Your own expense and if necessary produce evidence to us on demand. Failure so to do shall not entitle You to withhold or delay payment of the price.

Any additional expenses or charges incurred by Us resulting from such failure shall be met by You. 11.2 Products licensed or sold to You under these Conditions may be subject to export control laws and regulations in the Territory or other relevant jurisdiction where You take delivery or use them. You shall be responsible for complying with those laws and will not do anything to breach them. 11.3 Items entering the European Economic Area (EEA) from outside over a certain value may be subject to customs charges (e.g.

where costs are in excess of your personal import allowance). You may be subject to customs charges, import duties and taxes, levied when the Product reaches Your specified destination. Any such additional charges for customs clearance or import duties or taxes must be met by You, since We have no control over what these charges are. You should contact the local customs office in the relevant jurisdiction for further information on customs policies or duties.

12. NOTICES 12.1 Any notice or other communications in relation to Our contract may be given by sending the same by hand delivery, pre-paid post, or e-mail to the latest address and contact that one party has notified in writing to the other. This will also be the address for service of legal proceedings in the manner prescribed by law. Except as set out above in relation to cancellation of consumer orders, such notices or communications (where properly addressed) shall be considered received: 12.1.1 In relation to hand delivery, on the date of delivery at the relevant address (or, if this is not a working date, the first working date thereafter); 12.1.2 If posted, 5 working days after the date of posting; 12.1.3 If sent by email, on the earliest of (i) the email being acknowledged by the recipient as received; (ii) receipt by the sender of an automated message indicating successful delivery or the email having been opened; or (iii) the expiry of 48 hours after transmission, provided that the sender has not received notification of unsuccessful transmission.

13. PERSONAL INFORMATION AND YOUR PRIVACY 13.1 We will observe applicable data protection laws and will not use information that does or can be used to personally identify You ("Personal Data") other than as set out in Our Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy"). By submitting Your Personal Data in relation to Your order, You consent to such Personal Data being processed to fulfill Your order and in accordance with such Privacy Statement. 14.

GENERAL 14.1 You shall not assign, transfer, charge or make over or purport to assign transfer charge to make over Your rights under these Conditions. Any purported assignment shall be null and void. 14.2 We shall not be liable to You nor held in breach of contract for any loss or damage which may be suffered as a direct or indirect result of Us being prevented, hindered or delayed in the performance by reason of any circumstances beyond Our reasonable control including (but not limited to) any act of God, war, terror, riot, civil commotion, government action, explosion, fire, flood, storm, accident, strike, lock-out, trade dispute or labor disturbance, breakdown of plant or machinery, interruption in the supply of power, Internet communications, or materials and in such event we may elect to cancel Your order and refund any payments made. 14.3 You acknowledge that these Conditions supersede and cancel all previous contracts, agreements and working arrangements whether oral or written, express or implied, between us.

These Conditions prevail over any other terms or conditions contained in or referred to elsewhere or implied by trade, custom or course of dealing. Any purported terms or conditions to the contrary are hereby excluded to the fullest extent legally permitted. To the fullest extent permitted under applicable law, We reserve the right to modify these Conditions without prior written notice. 14.4 No relaxation, forbearance, delay or indulgence by either You or Us in enforcing any of these Conditions or the granting of time by either party to the other shall prejudice or restrict such rights and powers.

14.5 No waiver of any term or condition of these Conditions shall be effective unless made in writing and signed by Us. The waiver of any breach of any Condition shall not be construed as a waiver of any subsequent breach or condition. 14.6 If for any reason We determine or a court of competent jurisdiction finds that any provision or portion of these Conditions to be illegal, unenforceable, or invalid under applicable law in a particular jurisdiction: 14.6.1 These Conditions will not be affected in other jurisdictions to the extent that such determination or finding has no application; and 14.6.2 In the relevant jurisdiction, the remainder of these Conditions (to the fullest extent permitted by law) will continue in full force and effect. 15.

GOVERNING LAW 15.1 The construction validity and performance of these Conditions shall be governed by Arizona Law and You agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Arizona Courts, in the event of legal proceedings arising from any dispute; The language of any dispute resolution procedure or any proceedings will be English. Privacy Policy(effective 1-01-12) Within the Privacy Policy, the operator of this Web site ("Website") will be referred to as "Company", "we" or "us". We are committed to complete permission-based marketing, while safeguarding your privacy online. Please read our privacy policy ("Policy") to understand how your personal information will be treated as submitted on the Website.

This Policy also applies to individuals who have agreed to receive email marketing from the Company through opt-in or opt-out registration on another Website. Where we collect your information We collect information in several ways from different parts of the Website. From the visitors to our Website, we track domain, host, and/or Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. Some personally identifiable information is gathered when you register in part or in full for one of our many services or promotions.

Registration with the Website is required to participate in any promotions or sweepstakes at the Website. We may allow you to co-register (simultaneous registration with another third party Website and our Website) to participate in some of our services and promotions or those of third party Websites, as well. During registration, we may ask for information such as your name, mailing address, email address, phone numbers and the like. We may also ask you for personally identifiable information at other times, including when you report a problem with the Website.

If you contact us, we may keep a record of that correspondence, as well. From time to time, the Company may ask users to complete surveys that we use for research or other purposes. We may also offer users the opportunity to utilize other resources, services, forms, or tools, from which we may also collect your personal information. Cookies As part of offering and providing customizable and personalized services, the Company may use cookies to store and sometimes track information about you.

A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to your browser from a Web server and stored on your computer's hard drive. In addition, we may use pixel tags (also known as clear gifs) to track some of the pages you visit on our website. Generally, we use cookies to: (1) Remind us of who you are and to access your registration preferences to deliver to you a better and more personalized service. Cookies enable us to retain our users preferences on the Website without having to re-enter information every time they access the Website.

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We use this research to understand how our users' habits are similar or different from one another so that we can make each new experience on the Website a better one. We may use this information to better present the content that users will see on our site. Use of personal information By entering a sweepstakes or promotion, registering with our Website, completing any forms on our Website, or by checking or not unchecking co-registration boxes, you grant the Company the right to use the collected information for marketing purposes including, but not limited to, sharing such information with third party advertisers ("Advertisers"), emailing, SMS Message, or physically mailing Company or any third party offers to your email address or postal address. We may also use such information to fulfill prizes, track compliance with the applicable sweepstakes or promotion rules, or for content improvement and feedback purposes.

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Not intend to be drug products that diagnose, treat, cure or mitigrate any disease or condition. Do not use these products if you are under the ageof 18, or 21 in those jurisdiction in which 21 is the age of majority; if you are a non-smoker: if you have a demontrated allergy or sensitivity to nicotine or any combinations of inhalants ; if you are pregnant or nursing.


I don't think anyone listened to the prompts. I made sure either didnt click on the other additional stuff so I only paid the $4.95


Yes I'm pissed too because they told me for 4.95 and yet they took $40.00 for my *** account I want to cancel this *** how do I go about canceling it

to Bryan brady Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1275180

I call them right and made sure they it was canceled ..them i notify my bank and asked them to blocks O2pur.com

to Bryan brady #1288541

call your credit card company ...tell them you got scame on 40.00

to wilma #1291318

Calling your card company won't do ***. Card companies will tell you flat out that the terms and conditions are legally binding and once you checked off that you read and agreed to them, that they cannot win a dispute on your behalf.

Best bet? Learn to read and realize that nothing is free.

Hopedale, Ohio, United States #1261690

Thank you all for these comments and reviews. I was thinking of calling to order my "free" starter kit.

I am sooo not going to order.

I will go to a smoke shop.

Thank you!!

Brandon, Florida, United States #1260846

I Believe that Companies like this should be put out of Business. and the TV station that post this type of commercials.

should investigate these companies before letting them advertise ***!

but then again! its about the Almighty Dollar and he we can Screw in the Process..

Tucson, Arizona, United States #1257007

What number do I call to cancel

Bloomer, Wisconsin, United States #1253624

I ordered one and said no to all of the extra stuff and they charged me for all of it


Well I just started using o2 pur e cig and I'm not having any problem with the product. I do have a problem with misdirected information from them.

But I will be canceling as soon as my other vape pen comes. You can cancel your order where u won't be billed if u want to cancel. You just have to talk with a supervisor. And they will give u back some of your money back.

They will work with you.

But I'm satisfied with the product. It works for me and I've been gaping for 3 days and no cigarettes.

to Anonymous North Andover, Massachusetts, United States #1282642

I hope you are not GAPING ! If so, an ecig is not what you need.

Brooklyn, New York, United States #1251469

You have to call your credit card company. THIS IS A SCAM.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States #1245692

All you people whining about your credit card being charged are, well, just whining. Whoever you are, you did authorize the company to charge your card.

This is the oldest sales gimmick on the internet. Thousands of even good companies use this. You get a free trial or a free product like the vape and and that time you sign up for a service, in this case, monthly e-juice, and it's either a month or three months, but whatever it is, YOU have to remember to cancel your account if you don't want to go on with this service. I do this this all the time but it's only 1 in a 100 that I wind up using the service.

It's also 1 in a 100 that I forget to cancel the account but that's on me. Don't assume that every company out there is a crook.

We live in the age of fierce competition and companies are climbing over each other to offer the best customer service and an ethical mission statement for their company. Sure there are exceptions but stop griping because it's your responsibility to follow the rules.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States #1245687

I got a free starter kit and as soon as I got a shipping notice I cancelled my account with no problem whatsoever. It's a decent vape and works fine.

Loomis, California, United States #1244754

I got scammed billed me $12.00 and there was no juice. The automated sales call.

Just try ed to up sell me that I did not purchase.

Just wanted the starter kit they offered. Ended up having to go buy the juice .so it is not a complete set up.so it is not as advertised.

Rancho Santa Margarita, California, United States #1239418

I just paid $39.99. Got 2 for the price of one.

Haven't picked up a cigarette in a month.

Love this thing. I was happy with everything

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